Social Etiquette & Protocol

Social Etiquette & Protocol


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Gone are the days when only technical skills were given so much importance as they alone could take  you ahead in your career. Today, you need Social Etiquette and Protocol to make a progress in your  career. 

You need refinement, social etiquette, and know-how to carry yourself to stand out from the crowd.  With no presence of social etiquette and protocol, leadership traits in a personality cannot develop. 

This course equips you with the written and unwritten rules of Social Etiquette and Protocol. By the end of the course participants will be able to: 

  • How to use Protocol as a strategic tool in your social life 
  • How to project elegance at the dinner table 
  • Use dining implements accurately 
  • Carry on an appropriate dinner conversation 
  • Expand social circle and potential market 
  • Understand the universal principle of courtesy, manners, protocol, and etiquette Steer and manage the interpersonal relationship in important encounters Navigate a table setting with ease 
  • Make a positive and powerful impression and avoid causing embarrassment  Build self-confidence 
  • Handle the unexpected 

This course is for everyone from a variety of backgrounds, industries, and skill levels who wants to  improve their protocol and etiquette awareness to be more confident in any social situation. 

Training Hours: 4 hours 

Training Methodology: Our delivery methodology is such that we make sure all the participants get involved and for that tools like Interactive Polls, Breakout Rooms, Group Discussions, Assignments are used.

Our Teachers

  • Shweta Garg, founder of Dream Image, an Image Transformation Coach is professionally trained and certified Image Consultant, Behavioural Trainer, and NLP Practitioner. She further advanced to be designated as the President-Elect …
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