Impact Management (for WOMEN)

Impact Management (for WOMEN)


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What you wear tells the story of who you are. The key to success in your personal, professional, and  social life is managing your image by creating a powerful first impression. Your clothes are already  communicating a message. 

Appearance/Impact Management is a process that involves experimentation and self-expression.  Management of appearance includes dress as a process as well as the assessment of the social  repercussion of one’s outer self. Individuals engage in the management of appearance each day of  their lives, even though the level of involvement and concerns related to dress and appearance may  differ from person to person and culture to culture. 

Do you want to get treated differently? 

Do you want the doors of opportunity open to you? 

Then you are at the right place. Great style and fashion will open doors for you without having to say  a word. 

By the end of the course participants will be able to: 

  • Bridge the perception gap 
  • Learn how their image affects their own life and others 
  • Discover their uniqueness and suitable clothing 
  • Discover the colors that naturally radiate their personality and choose colors wisely Integrate their personality style into their clothing 
  • Revisit their closet and create a multifunctional wardrobe 
  • Modify their clothing to hide or disguise certain areas of their body they may not like as  much 
  • Choose the correct clothes as per their body type 
  • Project their best self 

Training Hours: 4 hours 

Training Methodology: Our delivery methodology is such that we make sure all the participants get involved and for that tools like Interactive Polls, Breakout Rooms, Group Discussions, Assignments are used.

Our Teachers

  • Shweta Garg, founder of Dream Image, an Image Transformation Coach is professionally trained and certified Image Consultant, Behavioural Trainer, and NLP Practitioner. She further advanced to be designated as the President-Elect …
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