Impact Management (for MEN)

Impact Management (for MEN)


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As men, we are always taught that there is no compatibility between a concern for style and  masculinity. Fashion is the domain of women. This is the thought that is being deeply drilled into us  throughout our childhood and adolescence, typically until we reach our early twenties. Then, a  complete reversal of philosophy is shoved upon. Suddenly, “image is everything”, “women love well 

dressed men”. The result is going on shopping trips with no knowledge, and just relying on the price  tags and favourite colors.  

The time has come to change it. Impact Management training program for men provides males with  all the information they need to make it through the transition from not knowing how to dress to  know how to dress. 

This course will give you the knowledge, reference points, and rules to follow so you can look great  all by YOURSELF, without the help of stylists or friends. 

Do you want to get treated differently? 

Do you want the doors of opportunity open to you? 

Then you are at the right place. Great style and fashion will open doors for you without having to say  a word. 

By the end of the course participants will be able to: 

  • Bridge the perception gap 
  • Understand BRAND YOU 
  • Coordinate colors for men 
  • Know the concept and importance of colors  
  • Get the knowledge of the different levels of contrast 
  • Wear as per the rules for mixing and matching 
  • Manage their wardrobe and build cluster wardrobe 
  • Build Rapport  
  • Project their best self 

Training Hours: 4 hours 

Training Methodology: Our delivery methodology is such that we make sure all the participants get involved and for that tools like Interactive Polls, Breakout Rooms, Group Discussions, Assignments are used.

Our Teachers

  • Shweta Garg, founder of Dream Image, an Image Transformation Coach is professionally trained and certified Image Consultant, Behavioural Trainer, and NLP Practitioner. She further advanced to be designated as the President-Elect …
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