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The oxford dictionary has defined the mighty word exam as a medical test of a specified kind. But, the meaning of exams has kept evolving as per the student’s capacity sometimes dreadful…. sometimes awesome. From time memorial, to many of us exams have been portrayed like a sword of Damocles hanging high on our heads. Even toppers are not spared from the ritual of burning the midnight oil and vanishing hunger. But the bottom line is that everything needs to be executed and represented just like when we see a cookery show and put our hands on the ingredients and the final outcome turns out to be amazing.

So everything that is learnt and imbibed needs a platform to be showcased. At the school and college level these are just in the form of exams intended to judge the student’s coherency level and the teacher’s skills while imparting knowledge.  Coming to competitive exams, they have become an integral and inevitable part of our life today. Even for self-financed courses, colleges wish to conduct these tests to check the basic skills and whether students are eligible or not. These courses are BMM, BAF, BMS, BBI, BFM etc. IELS, CA, CLAT, UPSC, Hotel Management, GRE etc. fall under the radar of entrance exam since the inception. Even though parents and students feel that these exams are a sheer waste of time…but with specialization comes dedication and many times seats are limited so they need the best people at work.

These exams encapsulate hard work, dedication and also proper planning and many times a gist of years of study with general knowledge and out of the box as well to actually test your potential. Enrolment is easy but sustaining the grind is the task. These exams are a way of judgement of our skill set, time management and efficient planning.

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Neeraj Sahal

n the realm of Hindi poetry, Neeraj desires to leave a mark on the hearts, minds and souls of his cherished readers. Neeraj Sahal, a resident of Mumbai, was born in Rajgarh, Rajasthan on 19th December 1977. His literary influence has a wide spectrum, both in Hindi and Urdu, and from mythology, great epics to ghazals.

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