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The word ‘personality’ is derived from the Latin word ‘persona’ which means ‘mask’. Norman Munn an eminent psychologist has defined personality as “a unique combination of an individual’s physical structure, needs, interests, abilities and aptitudes.”

A major misconception which lies within people is that personality is merely related to our external appearances. Personality collectively means our considerate pattern of thinking, feeling and behaving through the course of life. An individual’s personality gets shaped by a wide variety of factors which often act in conjunction such as heredity, school/college, family, peer groups, mass media, culture, food habits etc. We all are aware today that when we earn, we need to invest somewhere be it mutual funds where there is assurance so that it secures stability of our kith and kin. Similarly, investment for self is essential for example self-allocation and personality development. We are all known by how people leave their impressions on the sands of time or void in their absence but how do they do that? Trust me, they are ordinary mortals like you and me but their certain traits give them the hand to engrave their personality in our mind. This can be carrying oneself with grace and gravitas, presentation skills, the subtle art of listening or even putting ones opinion without degrading others etc. Just envision yourself seated in a seminar which is graced by some eminent personalities who steal the show with their nuggets of wisdom, and poise and some who just lose the threads of continuity.

Here comes the time for some introspection. Some focus and enrollment of oneself for personality development coaching which is the beginning of new phases of self-confidence and venture. ‘Pinnacle’ is your one stop destination to bridge the gap in between good and best. Our dedicated team of teachers ensures the best is awaiting to shine within you and illuminate the world with your aura. New doors are waiting to be opened leading to stairway of growth and prosperity. Sometimes sheer rekindling of the lost and doused fire beneath. 

Neeraj Sahal

n the realm of Hindi poetry, Neeraj desires to leave a mark on the hearts, minds and souls of his cherished readers. Neeraj Sahal, a resident of Mumbai, was born in Rajgarh, Rajasthan on 19th December 1977. His literary influence has a wide spectrum, both in Hindi and Urdu, and from mythology, great epics to ghazals.

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