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Online-the term which we heard from nursery ranging from standing on the dotted line and signing on the dotted line. But time and circumstances change like the phases of the moon. With technology and science making the world a better and connected place here online implies unlimited knowledge, learning processes and business proposals exchanged.

In the last 2 years, mankind is under the grip of the deadly pandemic which does not seem to loosen its claws anytime soon. But as they say the show must go on, we cannot wait back for the storm to pass instead, we need to take an initiative or the rolling stone gathers no moss.

Coming to the advantages of online classes, children’s safety irrespective of the current situation has been a million dollar question for parents and guardians alike. In the metropolitan areas, travel is a hurdle. As the parents belong to working class category, the child is left at the mercy of servants. Online studies are at the comfort of our homes. As a result, we save on travel and real estate expenditures. Not to forget, the perks involved of the teachers. This is so because in times of emergency they can multitask between their personal and professional space. Online learning has proved to be efficient in terms of its tools like videos, PDFs, podcasts etc.


Now coming to our premium institution of learning and evolution called the ‘Pinnacle Academy’ where we offer coaching from Lower KG to Standard 12 for boards like STATE BOARD, IGCSE, ICSE to name a few. Our striking features include personalized class environment, one teacher one student ratio, better understanding of the concept and to explore the unnoticed areas of talent and scope of the students for honing their skills and their 360 degree development. Our belief lies in laying a strong foundation today for curating  magnificent castles tomorrow. We believe that education is a journey and not a destination as it evolves us to become better version of ourselves. With our salient features LEARNING IS GOING TO BE JOYOUS AND BRACE YOURSELF FOR A ROLLERCOASTER RIDE TO ATTAIN UNLIMITED KNOWLEDGE AND SUCCESS!!

Neeraj Sahal

n the realm of Hindi poetry, Neeraj desires to leave a mark on the hearts, minds and souls of his cherished readers. Neeraj Sahal, a resident of Mumbai, was born in Rajgarh, Rajasthan on 19th December 1977. His literary influence has a wide spectrum, both in Hindi and Urdu, and from mythology, great epics to ghazals.

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